Complete pressure reactor systems
Ready-to-use system for the laboratory bench


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This solution fits into any fume hood: stainless steel or Hastelloy reactor with everything needed for operation: Stirrer drive, heater, vessel stand and lifting device.  

Small system, big effect. 

Heating, stirring, measuring.

  • Quick to open

  • Accelerated cooling

  • Easy handling

  • Fits in any fume hood.

Filling, emptying, cleaning

The system is designed to enable comfortable and efficient work.

Heating, stirring, measuring

The lifting device is used to lift the reactor with the heater and close the quick-action lock.

Cool down, remove reactor

The reactor can be easily removed from the heater. This allows fast cooling and intensive cleaning.

Did you know that some of our systems have been in continuous use for over 40 years? 

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You want the modern complete solution? 

Reactor + heating + stirrer + rack + measured value recording + visualization + control + freely programmable

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100 % certified materials

Our pressure equipment is made exclusively using tested materials with certificate - for your safety

CE - PED 2014/68/EU 

Our pressure equipment are made according to the pressure equipment directive.

certified welding processes

We are regularly recertified to weld stainless steel and nickel-based alloys (hastelloy) 

100% made in Germany

high quality, evnvironmentally and socially responsible

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