Hydraulic LabJack - 200 x 230 mm - with solenoid valve

    This combination does not exist.

    Art.Nr.: 02297/S1

    height range: 91 - 285 mm
    load: 25 kg
    top plate: 200 x 230 mm
    base plate: 200 x 230 mm
    actuation: hand lever
    safety: -
    material: scissor system made off steel, top-/base plate made from aluminium
    surface treatment: powder coating hammertone blue

    with 2/2-way solenoid valve for automatic lowering
    powerless state: (on) open
    voltage: 24V DC
    frequency: 50 Hz
    power consumption: 20 W
    pressure range: up to 500 bar
    turn-on time: 100 ms
    switch-off time: 50 ms
    shift frequency: 2000 /h
    duration of operation: 100%
    including piping

    Length 0.0 mm
    Width 0.0 mm
    Height 0.0 mm
    Weight 0.0 g

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